automatically build/install logos project across devices
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Make a package and then install it on all of my devices.


Go to the folder with your tweak project in it.

Type TD in terminal.

Sit back and watch your devices respring :)


Put this project anywhere on your drive you want, doesn’t matter where.

Paste this into your bash profile:

alias TD='. ${TDI}/'

<LOCATION_OF_THIS_PROJECT> needs to be the location of this project

For adding your own devices, change the address[][18] values to what you need them to be. Also, change the amountOfAdresses variable.

  • Note: If the program seems to screw up, ping your devices by their IP. *


I beta test my projects on 3 seperate phones. This is infinitely easier to use than the usual way of doing it, and works across networks.


the .c file: parse arp -a output, find the line with the right mac address, and grab anything in parenthesis as the IP. Generate a bash script that sets the environment variable, since you can only set env variables from bash scripts, and only when they’re run as source scripts, aka, not children of the shell, but as commands themselves.

the .sh file: cd to ~/tdi, compile the .c file, run it, copy the generated bash file to project dir, run the bash file as source that was generated by the .c file, remove the copied file, and exit.